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Gentleman's Corner

At Stir, we know the guys are sometimes overlooked. So, gentleman, this is for you. Ladies, you can, of course, enjoy these add-ons as well! We appreciate women that enjoy cigars, prohibition cocktails, and ice-cold draft beer!

Prohibition Bar

A beautiful, custom bar front built from salvaged wood that specializes in prohibition cocktails, such as Sazerac, Old Fashioned, and Boulevardier. This bar comes with a variety of vermouths, bitters, and all the necessary accoutrements to create the pre-determined prohibition-style cocktails.

Draft Beer Bar

A gorgeous, vintage-style draft bar that offers two selections of ice-cold beer for you and your guests.

Cigar Bar

A beautiful, custom-built Monkey Pod Cigar bar. This bar comes with cigar cutters, butane torches, matches, cedar strips, and décor. Also, it comes with the option for Stir to purchase all cigars.